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Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop anywhere and anytime


  • Easy to use

    Eliminate the need to make initial investments and avoid the operational complexity of maintaining and managing your systems.

  • Implementation and application management

    Implement and update your organization's applications in the Desktops, in a fast, centralized and secure way.

  • IT Productivity

    Optimize hardware maintenance, Software installations, Backup and Monitoring, improving productivity and resource utilization.

  • Integrate your corporate directory

    It integrates securely with your corporate directory and allows users to access resources from any device.

  • What you need

    We provide plans that offer options in CPU, memory and storage quantities, so you can choose the right amount of resources according to your requirements.

  • Centralize and protect your data

    When users gain access, a remote viewing protocol is used to compress and encrypt the connection, user data will be stored and protected in the cloud, reducing the risk of losing information, loss of devices or physical damage of PC's or Laptops.

  • 7×24×365 specialized support

    We guarantee the best experience and quick resolution of incidents with the best proactive and reactive support.

Cloud Desktop

Is a secure and fully managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, you can easily provision Windows desktops by enabling access to corporate applications and resources, regardless of the device or place of connection.

Cloud Desktop use cases

Pc's infrastructure update

Centralized resources, easy to maintain and manage without an update time limit.

Access from mobile devices

Access your desktop from anywhere, any time or from any device with a minimum consumption of data.

Temporary employees

Ability to deploy applications and processes flexibly for defined periods of time.

Remote employees / telework

Access to your applications and corporate data, achieving the necessary flexibility to balance work and home.


Provides students with academic environments and access to the tools they need to get the necessary skills.


Contributes to the development of high-level projects and protection of intellectual property.

Cloud Desktop Plans

Cloud Desktop Lite

Cloud Desktop Enterprise

Cloud Desktop One

4 RAM (GB)
6 RAM (GB)
8 RAM (GB)




Windows 7 and Windows 8 experience
Remote access
Backup of user data
Access from mobile devices
Optimized connection protocol
Universal optimized printing driver
Reproduction of videos and sound in high quality
Optimized performance on servers
Automatic reconnection of sessions
HTML access
Scanner redirection
Pre-launch sessions
Changing your PC’s is no longer a problem