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Why O4IT?

Creating an incredible experience in the cloud, one client at a time.

Why O4IT?

  • 1. Security

    • The security of our customers is the main pillar of the service.
    • We have a robust NOC and SOC 24x7x365 aligned with a proactive plan to reduce service interruptions and attacks.
    • We have implemented a Self-Defense system to respond automatically to attacks.
    • We provide the highest access controls based on groups and roles, Integration with Active Directory / LDAP and multifactor authentication.
    • We are certified in ISO 27001, the highest international standard for managing the security of our clients' assets, such as financial information, intellectual property or information entrusted to us.
  • 2. Service Value

    • We guarantee the quality of our services and ensure that they are aligned with the needs, expectations and budget of our clients.
    • We can clearly demonstrate the true value of the service we offer, regardless of the brand.
    • We continuously invest in innovation and own the proprietary technologies that facilitate the use of services.
    • We offer a broad range of end-to-end technology solutions for public, private, on-premises and hybrid clouds.
    • We achieve the time, financial and quality objectives demanded by our customers.
  • 3. Business Support

    • We have unlimited expert support technicians with no hidden costs or extra charges for case creation.
    • We offer unlimited access to our support team, our technical support is accessible 7 X 24 X 365 by phone, web portal or mobile app.
    • We accompany our clients through the process of migrating their traditional on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.
    • We offer clear escalation lists.
    • Our clients have easy access to "Decision Makers" to quickly solve critical Problems.
  • 4. Expert Engineering

    • We are a service provider who works as an extension of our clients' IT team, allowing them to maintain their own IT governance.
    • We have a certified engineering team in multiple disciplines, who take control of a problem until it is solved.
    • We are robustly experienced in all phases of Cloud migration, using according to best practices.
    • Our team understands the essence of business. They build and maintain positive relationships with all users, to understand and give quick solutions to technical problems.
    • We use the strictest planning and project management, from start to finish.
    • We have the best experts with vast experience in designing private clouds, hybrid and technological solutions on-premises.
  • 5. Integration

    • We offer full integration with the existing policies, tools and legacy infrastructure of our clients.
    • We integrate with the current access control and active directory of our clients.
    • We integrate with the current processes of change management, incident management, capacity planning and configuration management that our clients have.
    • We are a service provider able to support all the technological requirements of our customers.
    • We have the highest and most specialized experience to integrate all solutions.
  • 6. Operational Excellence

    • We are proud of our highly reliable, robust and flexible infrastructure that reacts quickly to changes or attacks.
    • We rigorously plan our strategy of continuous improvement and risk management.
    • We offer service changes at the speed our customers need, without sacrificing service stability.
    • We offer Auto-Provisioning and Orchestration technologies for multiple services, from a single and unified portal, facilitating the purchase of services. Each of our client’s Business Units can buy their own services.
  • 7. Data Protection

    • We offer the highest protection required for our clients' mission critical data.
    • All traffic entering and leaving our cloud is encrypted.
    • We offer the most robust backup and disaster recovery solution.
    • We offer resources segregation when necessary, to comply with regulations the rules and financial regulations required by our clients.
  • 8. Transparency

    • We offer access to real-time monitoring consoles for our clients.
    • We provide quick access to reports of your environment in the cloud, including vulnerability alerts, intrusion detection events, access controls and firewall rules.
    • We offer a detailed and easy to understand billing, with web access to an online billing portal.
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