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Enterprise Backup

Protect and restore your most valuable information with O4IT

Enterprise Backup

Today companies are redesigning their data backup and recovery strategy to meet their needs for exponential data growth, compliance and strict SLAs.

O4IT Enterprise Backup provides the most robust, flexible, fast and secure data protection for your on-premises or in cloud information. We deliver full-daily backups protecting your investment with a restoration up to 30 times faster compared to traditional backup solutions.

The O4IT Enterprise Backup solution is ideal for virtual and physical environments with broad support of enterprise applications, multiple databases and operating systems.

Backup and protection always, in the cloud

  • Cost efficient

    Your company can trust you will not have hidden charges during an emergency or additional cost during non-business hours. With a simple cost per gigabit, combined with a expert team 7 × 24 × 365 managing your entire backup and restoration operation.

  • Recoverability

    Have successful backups of all your information is part of the equation and to have a 7 × 24 team ready to act when an emergency arises, (with a fast and reliable data restoration technology), makes a big difference to recover your information quickly and return to the operations to normal.

  • Scalability and trust

    With a simple cost per gigabit, your organization can scale flexibly at any time. Our enterprise backup solution has a daily validation of systems and integrity of information, that provides the reliability and fast backup that your company requires.

  • Reliable security

    Security is the main pillar of the service. We are certified in ISO 27001, the highest international standard for managing the security of our clients' assets. Our security team protects your infrastructure against threats that may interrupt the productivity of your users.

  • Dedicated team

    We are an extension of your technology team, our expert information protection team is responsible for 100% of the backup management and restoration of your information. We coordinate all backup activities, monitoring and restoration of your information, so you can focus on your business.

  • 7 × 24 × 365 specialized support

    Our support team and NOC (Network Operations Center) guarantees the best experience and quick resolution of incidents with the best proactive and reactive support.

Enterprise Backup Plans

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