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Infrastructure as a Service

Eliminate the complexity of your IT operations and replace it with the most powerful, flexible and easy-to-understand solution

Infrastructure as a Service

With a complete offer that includes computing capacity, storage, and managed services for the infrastructure, O4IT Cloud Infrastructure as a Service is the most complete solution designed for small, medium and large companies that provide a broad and powerful range of options made to measure, at a predictable cost, reducing large capital investments and unexpected maintenance costs and technological renovations.

The O4IT IaaS solutions, led by the best team, with the best experience and best technological practices, adapt the technological needs, simplifying the process of migration to the cloud..

Our products

We have a broad portfolio of solutions (IaaS) that will help you increase your
business performance and strategically prioritize your IT investments.


  • Expert design

    No matter where you need your on-premise or cloud solution, we are take care of designing, implementing and managing your infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

  • Reliable security

    Safety is the main pillar of the service. We are certified to ISO 27001, the highest international standard for managing the security of our clients' assets. Our security team protects your infrastructure against threats that may disrupt your users' productivity.

  • Scalable

    Quickly scale the computing, processing, and storage power your business needs in a simple, cost-effective way.

  • Reliable

    We are certified distributors and strategic partners of the most recognized technology manufacturers in the industry: Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, SAP, VMWare, Fortinet, Oracle, IBM, among others and we have the highest operational, security and quality certifications.

  • 7×24×365 specialized support

    We guarantee the best experience and rapid incident resolution with the best proactive and reactive support.

  • Monitoring

    Each component of your infrastructure is monitored 7×24×365, you will always have the timely information that allows you to detect, avoid, correct and plan the infrastructure resources involved in your business processes.

  • VIP migration

    We migrate your existing infrastructure in the shortest time possible for users. Whether your infrastructure is on-premise, third-party data center, or in the cloud, our team will design the right migration strategy for you.

  • Regulations

    Companies today must comply with a wide range of regulations. To help them meet the requirements of each measure, O4IT has a team of experts to help you ensure compliance that applies to your technology infrastructure whether on-premise or in the cloud.

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