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Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services

For many years organizations have relied on O4IT to manage their mission-critical operations in the cloud; with hundreds of customers operating in private, public, hybrid clouds and on-premise solutions, O4IT Managed Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) combines the technology, automation, flexibility, scalability and power of the world-leading AWS platform with the knowledge and experience of AWS-certified engineers.

We provide a robust set of services designed to meet the security, privacy and management requirements of the organizations.

Build your solution quickly and easily and be supported by AWS-certified engineers 7 x 24 x 365 days per year.

VMWare in AWS

We can take your workloads from your virtualized environment under VMware vSphere or Private Cloud to VMware's virtualization solution in AWS with the ease of having the infrastructure in the same place and using native tools that make the hybrid environment transparent and efficient.

Cloud Server AWS

Cloud Server AWS is a scalable service that provides technology capability in the secure cloud. Designed to simplify the use of cloud technology, allowing you to increase or decrease capacity in minutes. You can create thousands of server instances simultaneously.

Cloud Desktop AWS

We provide a secure, managed virtual desktop experience to end users. Unlike traditional local virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, with Cloud Desktop AWS you don't have to worry about provisioning, deploying, or managing a complex environment.

We provide a complete service that includes computing, persistent solid-state drive (SSD) and applications. Users will get a better experience and more functionality compared to a traditional computer.

AWS Backup

Create scalable, durable, and secure data protection solutions with AWS.

Back up all types of data with AWS, providing your company with scalability, availability, and durability so your copies are protected and available when needed.


  • Design

    All our solutions are based on the AWS Good Architecture Framework where we deliver strategies that help to compare your workload with our best practices and obtain guidance to produce stable, effective systems so you can focus on functional requirements.

  • Migration

    With our easy and simple migration scheme, unavailability is minimized and the risks of moving critical workloads to the cloud are reduced.

  • Security

    You will find the best tools at your disposal to keep your environment in AWS reinforced to threats with all the good practices and requirements imposed by the industry. We provide security at the level of infrastructure, identity and perimeter.

  • Management

    After migrating your environment, you can leave it in the best hands. We manage your instances in AWS with the best engineering and following in order and efficient processes.

  • Optimization

    Our engineers are constantly researching to make the AWS experience optimal, economical and stable. We keep our clients informed with reports that allow them to make decisions seeking to optimize performance and the cost paid for consumption.

Specialists in AWS Cloud Technology

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